“Meridian” – the team that won the first league of good performances in the last championship in the Second League, and “Ariva Pack” came out in the status of the newcomers of the tournament, although the team was attended by people familiar with the past seasons. The beginning and the middle of the first half Ariva Pack was frankly failed, Meridian was already in the 12th minute with the score 2-0. However, immediately after the second missed goal, “Ariva Pack” made a productive counterattack 2-1. After this ball the initiative in the game was taken away by the tournament newcomers. Three goals in a row on the 12th, 13th and 15th minutes completely knocked out of the ruts of the meridians. To bring the game to the logical ending “Ariva Pack” was no big deal. The final score is 6-2 in favor of Ariva Pack. It is worth noting a good game goalkeeper winners!