Company "Arivapak"

Leader in the production and sale of polymer packaging

LLC “ARIVAPAK” was founded as an enterprise for the production and sale of polymer packaging. Successful activity of the company in the Ukrainian and international markets has allowed to create a reputation of a reliable partner for numerous customers. At present it is a progressive company, which dynamically develops due to development of new technologies in the field of production of products made of polymer materials.

Our company specializes in the production and supply of packaging and packaging for bulk cargo types. One of the main directions of our enterprise is the production of carload liners, liners in sea containers “Liner Bag” and “Thermal Container Liner”, BMK (large soft reusable container), car shelters.

The products of “ARIVAPAK” enterprise are high-quality technological products that meet the requirements of the consumer and the established norms. The clients of our enterprise are powerful producers of Ukraine in the field of food, chemical, construction industry, agro-industrial complex.

The purpose of the company “ARIVAPAK” is the development and integration of packaging systems in the development of the Ukrainian and international markets for polymer packaging. The solutions offered by our company are based on the implementation of constructive ideas and detailed study of the capabilities (needs) of each specific client.

The company has consolidated many years of experience in the development and implementation of solutions in packaging systems and optimization of logistics, as well as their integration into existing technical capabilities of consumers.

Having experience in the production of industrial packaging, our company provides a full range of services to service its customers from analysis and selection of packaging to technical support.

  • A thorough analysis of the existing technical capabilities of the customer and recommendations for choosing the type of packaging and packaging.
  • Search and help in selecting the most suitable equipment required for loading and unloading.
  • Departure to the loading place and conduct full training of personnel on installation, loading and unloading of packaging and packaging.
  • Monitoring the use of packaging and packaging with periodic recommendations for improvement.
  • Highly qualified employees of Arivapak LLC help the customer develop new and cost-effective packaging solutions.If you have special requirements, we will develop and offer you the opportunity to solve the tasks. The high benefits of a new type of packaging directly affect the net profit. Not only savings in time and money are achieved during transportation, handling and storage, but also indirect savings: safe cargo delivery and fine design.Packaging, presented by us, provides the best advantages of the packaging industry, made entirely of polymer materials, quickly become the new industry standard all over the world, including Ukraine and CIS countries.LLC Arivapak offers the most competitive prices, while ensuring a high level of quality!Our constructive polymer packaging is characterized by excellent efficiency of use and minimization of transport, storage and operating costs.

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