Reusable container with carrying capacity of 14 tons

Patented reusable container for transportation of bulk cargo

The company Arivapak LLC developed and patented a soft reusable container with a carrying capacity of 14 tons.

Ukrainian, Russian, Eurasian patents have been received for technology, equipment and products. On the production of a soft reusable container were obtained the Technical conditions of Ukraine and Certificate of Sanitary and Epidemiological Station , as well as the UKRSEPRO certificate.

We have developed the technology of manufacturing a large soft refillable container (BMK) with a 14 tons capacity of 13-15 m3, which consists of completely replaceable parts that make this mobile construction and allow for quick repair and restoration without the use of specialized equipment.

To ensure a one-hundred percent sealing of the cargo in a soft container, the thermal welding of materials is used in the production process, and the designed split connection of the main parts of the container allows for the assembly and disassembly of structures.

The main advantages of BMK-14


A high degree of protection of cargo from precipitation, both on the way and during unloading, during storage on open areas


Complete absence of natural losses during transportation, transshipment and storage


High speed of loading and unloading of bulk cargo, combined with 100% safety of cargo and rolling stock


The exclusion of labor-intensive manual labor in cleaning the holds, rolling stock and the place of re-packaging


Reduction of the time of transport downtime for loading and unloading


Compactness of empty BMCs, as well as their ability to dismantle, significantly reduce the cost of their storage and return


The solution to the problem of unloading in almost any place, be it the technological transport of a plant, a warehouse or other hard-to-reach places


Absence of costs for non-convertible containers (for example, Big Beg), which reduces the cost of bulk cargo


Patented system of unloading, allowing in a matter of seconds without the use of special efforts to unload bulk cargo

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Performance characteristics of BMK-14

Dimensions BMC (main model):

1. The diameter is 2450 mm.

2. The height is 2800 mm.

The overall dimensions of the loaded BMC allow it to be placed in rail, road and water transport while filling the entire useful volume of space.

Automobile transport:

1. Autotrain with semitrailer with carrying capacity up to 27 tons – 2 pcs. BMK.
2. Dump truck – 1 pc. BMK.

Railway transport:
Open gondola car – 5 pcs. BMK.

Water transport:

Vessel river-sea – up to 3 tiers of BMC.

The weight of empty BMC is 65 – 75 kg.

The volume of empty BMC in the folded form from the plant is 0.4 – 0.5 cubic meters.

The volume of empty BMC in its folded form after its use is 0.7-0.9 cubic meters.