Project Description

The company “Ariva Pak” developed and patented reusable container with load capacity of 14 tons.
For the technology, equipment and products were obtained Ukrainian and Russian patents. For the soft container manufacture were received the SES certificate, as well as the UkrSEPRO sertificate.

We have developed a technology to produce large refillable container (LRC) with carrying capacity of 14 tons and volume of 13-15 m3, consisting of fully exchangeable parts, which make this structure mobile and let rapidly produce repair – restoration work without using of specialized equipment.
In order to ensure one hundred percent sealing of cargo in soft containers thermal welding materials was used in the production, developed plug connection of main parts of the container allows assembly and disassembly of structures.


Large reusable container dimensions (basic model):
1.Diameter – 2450 mm
2.Height – 2800 mm
Dimensions of loaded large reusable container allow you to place it in the rail, road and water transport filling all the useful volume of the space.

Automobile transport:

1. Road train with semitrailer with load capacity up to 27 tons – 2 units of large reusable container/
2. Tip track- 1 pc. of large reusable container.
Railway transport:
1. Opened wagon – 5 pcs. of large reusable container.
Water transport:
1.River-sea vessel – up to 3 levels of large reusable container.
Weight of the empty large reusable container is 65-75 kg.
The volume of the empty folded large reusable container from the factory is 0.4-0.5 m³
The volume of the empty large reusable container minimized after using 0.7- 0.9 m³


Large reusable container consists of fully interchangeable parts that can be easily and quickly installed and removed by a single employee so there is no need to withdraw all large reusable containers from circulation;
– High protection of cargo from rain as in transit, and during unloading, during storage in open areas;
– Complete lack of natural losses during transportation, handling and storage;
– High speed loading and unloading of bulk cargo, combined with 100% safety of cargo and rolling stock;
– Exclusion of time-consuming manual labor to clean up the holds, rolling stock and space repacking;
– Reduced time of transport downtime for loading and unloading;
– Compact empty large reusable container, as well as the opportunity to dismantle them, significantly reducing the costs of their storage and return;
– Solving the problem of unloading almost anywhere, whether it is technological transport of the plant, warehouse or other hard to reach places;
– No costs for a non-negotiable package (for example, Big Bag), reducing the cost of bulk cargo;
– Patented unloading system that allows without applying much effort to make unloading of bulk cargo.