Project Description

The main task of THERMAL CONTAINER LINER is to minimize the thermal conductivity of the container with cargo during transportation

To date, one of the global problems of shipping cargo shipping is the transport of products sensitive to coarse temperature spikes observed during transportation.
Employees of the research and production company developed an innovative technology for the production of thermal liner in the sea container “THERMAL CONTAINER LINER” that influenced the solution of the actual problem – the carriage of goods sensitive to penetration of UV rays, thermal and moisture fluctuations.
In the development of this type of container, the material for production was examined and matched, which is represented by a metallized film with a reflective capacity, a foamed polyethylene with a heat shield function, darkened polyethylene to avoid ultraviolet raying. The critical point of innovative technology is, also, the complete sealing of seams, which excludes the transmission and air entry, preventing the formation of condensate inside the liner.
THERMAL CONTAINER LINER is designed for loading and unloading with open access to the rear door. It is an ideal liner for transportation of wine and wine drinks, because its thermal properties help prevent temperature fluctuations. It, too, can be used to transport such types of cargo as mineral fertilizers, animal feeds or products with similar characteristics.

Also, employees of the scientific and production company LLC “ARIVAPAK” developed an analogue of the liner in the sea container “THERMAL CONTAINER LINER”, namely – Thermal Рalletization.