Project Description

ukr-1Our company employees have developed and patented the Cover for transporting cargo in open railway gondola cars
In the development of cover all important tasks have been taken into account, the decision of which must be present in the characterization of the cover:
– Transport reliability (16 independent fixtures on the perimeter of the gondola wagon);
– Speed of installation (4 employee – 5 min.);
– The safety of cargo (hydro and vapor-barrier sealed material);
– The ability to install in all weather conditions (sewn along the edge (perimeter) tensile mounting tape (cover fits over the gondola wall) ensures rapid and reliable installation even in strong winds);
– Exclusion of the sail and breakdown cover (anti windage air valves do not allow you to create the air pressure under the cover, and 8 external clamping strips provide additional fixation cover pressing it to the cargo even after a tap during transportation);
– Unloading of cargo by any known method (graber, tilter, lower hatches).
All these significant transportation of cargo in open wagons objectives were taken into account and therefore, this cover has all the advantages to ensure cost-effective preservation of the quality of the goods while transit in open wagons.