Project Description

Such specialized liners are used for the transportation of goods with characteristics such as high turnover, a strong fine dusting or fine-dispersed cargo.

Unlike wagon liner with the standard valve K4 liner is made according to the closed principle (box) and has on the upper part of the liner valve, through which loading occurs.

When loading of the insert such as bunker trunk connected to the loading arm ISWR (Interior Soft Wagon Reservoirs), dusting or soaking at boot time reduced to almost “0”.

ISWR of this type is protected by a patent and can be manufactured in three variants:
– Polypropylene sided lamination;
– Polypropylene with double-sided lamination;
– With additional polyethylene inner bulb;

In all cases the outer seams are additionally sealed and the inner plastic bulb completely isolates the load from a possible spill and wet.

Such ISWR are used to transport alumina cement, ilmenite, etc.
Our staff will help you with the definition of the required liner design, as well as advise on all necessary needs for the first load in ISWR.