Guarantee of cargo protection from negative factors during transportation

Wagon liner K-4

Polypropylene laminated liner for protection of bulk cargo from spillage and moisture during transportation in open gondola cars

Wagon liner Z-4 with loading valves

Reinforced polypropylene liner with double-sided lamination and all-welded polyethylene bulb for transportation of bulk cargo in open gondola cars

Thermal Container Liner

Liner in a sea container for excluding the impact of sharp temperature changes, UV-ray transmission and the appearance of condensate inside the sea container

Liner bag

Polypropylene laminated liner in a sea container for the transport of bulk and packaged goods

Wagon cover

Polypropylene laminated shelter for gondola cars to protect cargo from moisture


Large manufacturers of polymer packaging and packaging for the transport of bulk and thermosensitive goods

LLC “ARIVAPAK” is founded as an enterprise for the production and sale of polymer packaging. Successful activity of the company in the Ukrainian and international markets has allowed to create a reputation of a reliable partner for numerous customers. At present it is a progressive company, which dynamically develops due to development of new technologies in the field of production of products made of polymer materials.

Our company specializes in the production and supply of packaging and packaging for bulk and temperature-sensitive cargo types. One of the main directions of our enterprise is the production of:

  • carload liners;
  • liners in sea containers “Liner Bag”;
  • thermo-liner “Thermal Container Liner”;
  • BMK (large soft reusable container);
  • car shelters.

The products of “ARIVAPAK” enterprise are high-quality technological products that meet the requirements of the consumer and the established norms. The clients of our enterprise are powerful producers of Ukraine in the field of food, chemical, construction industry, agro-industrial complex.

The purpose of the company “ARIVAPAK” is the development and integration of packaging systems in the development of the Ukrainian and international markets for polymer packaging. The solutions offered by our company are based on the implementation of constructive ideas and detailed study of the capabilities (needs) of each specific client.