Protective wagon liner in the railway wagons

Completely repeats the contour of sea dry cargo and railway container (ISO)

Wagon liners are aimed at creating such technologies for concealing cargo in a gondola car that would isolate it from the external environment and localize the cargo, excluding chemical reactions of the product with the environment, its “natural” loss due to spillage or blowing. In addition, the carload liner is a bulk transportation method that prevents and makes unauthorized access to the product from the open side of the gondola car unacceptable, and also excludes its moistening under the influence of precipitation.

Despite the successful design of the wagon liner, consumers are increasingly complaining about the ingress of moisture through the load liner. Despite the fact that the liner is made of laminated polypropylene, which does not pass moisture, in rainy weather, the cargo partially soaks through the seams of the liner.

Improving the wagon liner, our specialists developed <b> SEWAGE SEALING </ b>, this sealing is aimed to prevent moisture from penetrating through the seams of the liner (conceived moisture gets into the places pierced by the needle when making the liner). The carbide liner with seam sealing guarantees dryness of the cargo during transportation.

This type of sealed joints is successfully used to transport alumina, cake and other fine products!

The company also produces a wagon liner that is equipped with upper loading valves using an internal all-welded polyethylene flask for 100% protection of the cargo against possible wetting and spillage.

The liner in the railway gondola car is approved and widely used by consignors for bulk transport of products such as quicklime, sodium silicate (clay silicate), mineral halite concentrate (salt). In accordance with the Regulations for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Rail, the transportation of ammonium nitrate is permitted in packaged form by semi-wagon shipment in covered wagons. But because of the impossibility of mass transportation of this cargo in covered wagons, it becomes necessary to transport it in gondola cars with the use of additional safety equipment-liner in the gondola car.

The product is unloaded through the lower hatches of the gondola car by ripping the woven material of the liner. The use of this method makes it possible to considerably shorten the preparation time of the car for loading and does not require stripping it after unloading the product.

“It is established that when transporting in bulk the mineral fertilizers in open wagons, the rate of corrosion of their walls can reach 0.1 mm per year.”
At the request of the customer, the design of the liner can be modified.

The main advantages of K-4 carload liners


The use of a laminated liner with seam sealing completely eliminates the wetting of the load and gives an advantage over the use of the hopper wagons.


Carriage liner is made of polypropylene and is completely suitable for transportation of food products


The use of the liner in a gondola car against MKR and big-bags makes the transportation of bulk cargo cheaper, because excludes the stages of packing the product, its transshipment and its unloading from gondola cars


The liner in the gondola car corresponds to the arrangements for placing and securing the shelters of bulk cargo in 4-axle open wagons

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