Liner in the sea container - Liner Bag

Completely repeats the contour of sea dry cargo and railway container (ISO)

Liner Bag is also known in the world as Container Liner Bag, Dry Bulk Liner, Container Liner, Dry Bulk Container Liner is a liner made of a polymer material that repeats the contour of sea dry cargo and railway container (ISO) is used for transportation of loose, bulk, as well as packed cargo.

Our research and production enterprise LLC “ArivaPak” manufactures Liner Bag from laminated polypropylene.

Main advantages of liners Liner bag


use of the entire useful volume of the container


protection of the transported product from moisture, dust, sea air and other external factors


exclusion of cargo contact with sea container


delivery of cargo without transhipment ``from door to door``


minimum number of attendants - 2 people


installation of the container liner takes 10 minutes


automated loading and unloading of products


weight of unloaded liner from 6 to 18 kg


the liner is easily disposed

Characteristics and application of liners Liner bag

Download is made:

  • using a pneumatic conveyor (thrower);
  • using a belt conveyor;
  • from the bunker (silo) by gravity;
  • from a screw conveyor; belt conveyor.


  • using pneumatic conveyor;
  • with the use of auger;
  • method of gravitation.

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