High-quality technological products that meet the requirements of the consumer and the established norms

Protection from spillage K-4

Provide cover for goods in a gondola car, isolation of cargo from the environment and localization, while excluding chemical reactions of the product with the environment, its "natural" loss due to spillage or blowing

Carriage insert Z-4 with loading valves

Specialized liners are used for transporting goods with characteristics such as high fluidity, strong dusting or finely dispersed cargo

Thermal Container Liner

The main objective of this type of product is to minimize the thermal conductivity of the container with the cargo during the shipping of cargo

Liner bag

Liner Bag is a liner made of a polymeric material that repeats the contour of the sea dry cargo and railway container (ISO)

Wagon cover

Specialized technology provides safe conditions for the transportation of goods in open railway open wagons.