Wagon protection

Carriage shelter ensures the safety of cargo quality during transportation in gondola cars.

Employees of our company have developed and patented the Shelter for cargo transportation in open railway open wagons.
In the development of the shelter, all important tasks were taken into account, the solution of which should be present in the characterization of such a shelter:

transport reliability (16 independent fasteners along the perimeter of the gondola);
speed of installation (4 employees – 5 minutes);
safety of cargo (hydro and vapor-barrier sealed material);
possibility of installation in all weather conditions (sewn along the edge (perimeter) tensile installation tape (the cover is put on the walls of the gondola car) provides speed and reliability of installation even in strong winds);
Excluding sail and hiding the shelter (anti-ball air valves do not allow the creation of air pressure under the shelter, and 8 external pressure belts create an additional
fixing the shelter pressing it to the load even after it has been shaken out during transportation);
unloading of cargo by any known method (grab, tipping device, lower hatches).

The main advantages of the wagon cover


transport reliability (16 independent fastenings along the perimeter of the car)


exclusion of cargo wetting (hydro barrier material cover)


the ability to install in all weather conditions (embroidered on the edge of the perimeter elastic band ensures reliability of installation in windy weather)


the air pressure under the shelter is switched off, and also 8 presser elastic bands create the fixation of the shelter, pressing it to the load during the tumbling)


possibility of unloading by any means


quick installation and dismantling (5-10 min)


reduction of energy costs in the drying chamber


reduction of time labor for cleaning the snow cap from the car


avoidance of wet coke entering the receiving hopper


exclusion of stopping of the acceptance area due to high humidity of coke

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