Wagon liner Z-4 with loading valves

Loading valves for easy loading of certain types of cargo

Wagon liner Z-4 is designed for a large holding, which for more than 5 years is our regular customer of the company “ARIVAPAK”.

This type of specialized liners is used for transporting goods with high flow, strong dust or fine structure.

The difference between the Carriage liner and the loading valves from the standard K4 liner is that the liner is manufactured according to the closed type (box) principle and has loading valves on the top of the liner, through which the loading takes place.

When loading such a liner, when the bunker trunk is connected to the BMR loading sleeve, the dusting or wetting during the loading is reduced to practically “0”.

In the expanded state, the liner is a container in the form of a rectangular parallelepiped repeating the inner space of the gondola car. The insert is equipped with upper loading arms. The technical characteristics of the material and the technology of cross-linking and sizing of the seams with adhesive tape of high adhesion ensure leakproofness of the liner and reliable insulation of the cargo from the external environment. The dimensions and number of loading hoses vary depending on the method and technology of loading, as well as on the customer’s request.

This type of BMPM is protected by a patent and can be manufactured in three versions:
– polypropylene with one-sided lamination;
– polypropylene with two-sided lamination;
– with an additional polyethylene inner flask;

In all cases, the outer seams of the WSVR are further sealed, and the inner polyethylene bulb finally isolates the cargo from possible wetting and spillage.

Such HWRs are used to transport alumina, cement, ilmenite, etc.

Our staff will help you with the determination of the required liner design, and also will consult on all the necessary needs for the first loading in the BMRM.

The main advantages of the Wagon liner Z-4 with loading valves


Reinforced container for the transport of bulk goods, using a flexible liner from a polyethylene film


Use of heat-sealing technology in the production of an inner polyethylene layer


The inner polyethylene layer is all-welded and independent of the outer polypropylene layer


Connecting the layers of the liner to safe areas (collars of external material)


If the seam of the outer layer is damaged, moisture will not contact the load, since the weld seams of the inner layer are independent of external seams


Exclusion of wetting and scattering of cargo transported inside the wagon liner

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