Thermal liner in the sea container

Today one of the global problems of shipping is transportation of products sensitive to gross changes in the parameters of the external environment. Varying climate and unpredictable global temperatures can damage such cargoes.

One type of cargo sensitive to environmental factors transported in sea containers is wine. Subsequently, long-term cargo transportation and crossing of different climatic zones, wine products can be exposed to extreme temperature effects – from heating in the tropical zone to cooling in the northern latitudes. Significant fluctuations in temperature can lead to a complete change in the quality of the product, which is not restored. Accordingly, wineries in such cases use insulated thermo-insulated containers (thermo containers) or refrigerators, the cost of operation of which postpones a negative imprint on logistics.

Based on the revealed problem, the employees of the scientific and production company “ARIVAPAK” succeeded in finding an effective solution for preserving the quality of wine during transportation – the development and introduction of innovative technology for production of thermowell into the sea container “THERMAL CONTAINER LINER” which does not exist on the market. This system is designed to protect sensitive loads to penetration of UV rays, thermal and moisture fluctuations.

In the development of this type of container, the material for production was examined and selected, which is represented by a metallized film with a reflective capacity, foamed polyethylene with a heat shield function, darkened polyethylene to avoid ultraviolet raying. The critical point of innovative technology is, also, the full sealing of seams, by using heat-sealing technology in the manufacturing process, which excludes the transmission and air entry, preventing the formation of condensate inside the liner.

For the purpose of characterizing the liner in the sea container “THERMAL CONTAINER LINER”, the employees made a study of its thermal sensitivity. As a result, it was revealed that the temperature difference between the environment and the medium inside the thermowell was 15 … 16 ° С. Moreover, this material allows a much longer time to keep food under the same conditions under which they were immersed in a container.

“THERMAL CONTAINER LINER” is designed for loading and unloading with open access to the rear door. It is an ideal liner in a sea container for transportation of wine products, because its thermal properties help prevent rough fluctuations in temperature. It, too, can be used to transport such types of cargo as beverages, juices, wort, canned goods, bulk products and products with similar characteristics.


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