BMK 14 TONS (Large reusable soft container with a load-carrying capacity of 14 tons)

Large reusable soft container with a load-carrying capacity of 14 tons for bulk cargo transportation and storage
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Thermal liner for sea containers for transporting temperature-sensitive cargoes
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For over 10 years the enterprise has been the industry leader both on the Ukrainian and international market, having many foreign partners from Europe and the CIS countries. The basic principles of the ARIVAPAK LLC activity are the balanced approach, implementation of new technologies, packaging industry best practices and the control of all production stages.
Rabizo Ivan Georgievich
Commercial Director

Why choose "ARIVAPAK"

A thorough analysis of the existing technical capabilities of the customer and recommendations for choosing the type of packaging and packaging.
Departure to the loading place and conduct full training of personnel on installation, loading and unloading of packaging and packaging.
Monitoring the use of packaging and packaging with periodic recommendations for improvement.
Search and help in selecting the most suitable equipment required for loading and unloading.

Patents for the products of the company "Arivaрak"

High-quality technological products that meet the requirements of the consumer and the established standards