The use of a wagon cover allows filling an open-top wagon “heaped” and excluding moisture ingress.


— A single-layer wagon cover is made from laminated polypropylene with the use of seam sealing technology. This type of cover is more expedient to use for the transportation of goods in an open-top wagon filled “heaped”. This is explained by the fact that when using this type of loading, the cover is stretched over the cargo, eliminating the accumulation of precipitation and ingress of moisture on the cargo during the transitional idle time of the wagon.

— A two-layer wagon cover consists of laminated polypropylene (outer layer) using a seam sealing technology and a solid polyethylene sheet (inner layer). This type of wagon cover completely protects the cargo from the ingress of precipitation during the wagon’s transitional idle time.


  • reliability of transportation (16 independent fastenings around the open-top wagon perimeter);
  • quick installation (4 workers – 5 min.);
  • cargo safety (hydro and vapor barrier hermetic material);
  • the possibility of installation in any weather conditions – the stretchable installation tape, which is sewn along the edge (perimeter) of the cover (the cover is put on the walls of the open-top wagon) ensures quick and reliable installation even in strong wind conditions;
  • exclusion of windage and cover breakdown (the wind-resistant air valves prevent creating air pressure under the cover);
  • unloading cargo in any known way

Wagon cover advantages

Elimination of cargo soaking (hydro barrier fabric of the cover)
Reduction of temporary labor costs associated with removing snow
Reduction in costs of electric power needed for the drying chamber
Possibility of unloading using several methods
Fast installation and removal (5-10 min)
Transportation safety (16 independent fasteners along the perimeter of the wagon)

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