BMK 14 TONS (Large reusable soft container with a load-carrying capacity of 14 tons)


ARIVAPAK LLC has developed and patented a soft reusable container BMK-14 with a load-carrying capacity of 14 tons for bulk cargo transportation / storage. For the technology and production, we received Ukrainian, Russian, and Eurasian patents. Pursuant to the international patent application’s approval under the PCT procedure, we started the procedure for obtaining European and American patents. For the production of soft reusable containers, we received Technical Specification and Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificate.

BMK-14 advantages

Capacity up to 17 tons
Thermal welding of materials
One hundred percent sealing of the cargo
Ability to store cargo in open areas (up to five tiers)
Exclusion of the interaction of cargo with transport and the external environment
No loss during transportation and transshipment
High speed of loading and unloading of bulk cargo
No cost for non-returnable containers (e.g. Big Big)
Improved economic perfomance


BMK-14 consists of completely replaceable parts that make this design mobile and allow carrying out repair and restoration work quickly and efficiently without specialized equipment. Thermal welding of materials is used in the production process to ensure one hundred percent sealing of the cargo in a soft container.


Transport means for BMK-14 loading and transportation:

— motor transport: road train with a semitrailer with a carrying capacity of up to 27 tons – 2 pcs. BMK; dump truck – 1 pc. BMK.

— railway transport: open-top wagon – 5 pcs. BMK.

— water transport: river-sea vessel – up to 3 tiers of BMK.

Unloading device: release gear, discharge spout.

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